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This page is dedicated to my wonderful furry friends who have crossed over Rainbow Bridge. They were an attribute to me and to Sunuryk Siberians. They taught me a great love and appreciation for this wonderful breed.

BPIS CDN CH Sunuryk's Signature Series--Shelby

CDN CH. Kabus Heart T'Heart at Sunuryk--Kelsey

BIS CDN CH. Sunuryk's Synabar--Synabar

CDN CH. Kabu' N Sunuryk's Daybreaker--Ryley

CDN CH. Sunuryk's Kayla Sunset--Kayla




Tyedon's Snowmist C.D.

January 9, 1986 - September 30,1997




CDN CH. Suminka's Aramis at Sunuryk C.D.

December 14, 1987 - April 6, 1993




CDN CH. Suminka's Sunuryk Sun-Seeker

January 11, 1989 - December 18, 2000

Special Thanks to Judy Watson, Suminka Kennels

for allowing Aramis and Seek to share our home and our lives.

With great sadness I announce the passing of these Siberians.

Although they no longer lived at Sunuryk, they are sadly missed by all who loved them.

CDN CH. Sunuryk's Atticca Myst--Atticca

CDN CH. Sunuryk's Tak'n a Break--Breaker

CDN CH. Sunuryk's Encore Performance--Jake

CDN CH. Sunuryk's Mystical Illusion--Mystic

CDN CH. Sunuryk's Chasin' Raynbows C.D.--Rayn

Sunuryk's Luxuria--Syanne

CDN CH. Sunuryk's Skywalker--Syrus

Sunuryk's Avaritia--Teeko


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